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A friendly call from a good Friend... 

... I got to know Mike in the 80s and we've bin friends since. He asked me to write some words of what I know and experienced!

Well, Mike is a musician from Austria. Born near Vienna Austria, he became involed in music at the age of 8. He took some Piano Lessons, but got bored fast, so he quit. He thought he could learn quicker when he is on his own. Well he told me he has never been that wrong.
After small band's and solo engagements with some of and on success he went with the age of 19 to the U.S. and had some special encounter with Dave Brubeck with whom he had a once in a lifetime jam session in Salt Lake City, after Mr. Brubeck gave him an autograph and Mike told him that he came from Vienna Austria and Played the Piano too! He told Mike to sit down and improvise something to play along. And they did, it's a dream from wich you never want to wake up anymore, he said! And I loved it too!!
After this encounter he lived in Stillwater Oklahoma for a while where he took some classes as a part time student. There he met Mr. Garth Brooks, before he became famous, as he played in a Salon in which Mike himself has been playing sometimes. So they had a session too! Mike said that he was so lucky and glad to meet does People, unfortunately he met them only once! And so kept on playing with other local musician all over the country preferably Blues and Rock he also got attracted with Boogie and Jazz. Well he had a Lot of Fun, I tell you!

After a short stop (2 years) in the US Navy he went back home to Austria and continued his musical ambition. 

Charles Livsey, USA (We miss you buddy!!)